Cherry and I were looking to get outside with a minimum of driving and drug out the old war horse 100 hikes book to see what we could find near home. Drove 12 miles past the pass and turned off toward Rachel lake. this is about 3 miles and 2000 feet up, and has lots of people, but is still very nice. The big find was proceeding on up above to Rampart Lakes, Lake Lila, and Alta mountain (6151). the upper trails and lakes are still frozen at this point, which keeps the day hikers away, and if you're willing to bring a shovel and camp on snow, it's very easy to find secluded alpine views one hour's drive from the city with no permits. we hollowed off a flat spot on Alta's summit ridge and had the whole place to ourselves on a Saturday night with good weather. saw marmots, picas, ptarmigans, and lots of goat fur and goat poop but no goats.