Clark and Luahna

Pat is in the high-seventies on his quest for the top 100, so he's down to really weird mountains that are hard to get to. However he has time to plan and I don't so he usually wins. This weekend marked the first climb of my fifth decade, and the trend is not good.

To make a long story short, we did 28 miles and 9,000 vertical feet in 36 hours, climibing Clark (8576) and Luahna (8400), two entirely unremarkable, perfectly pretty mountains near glacier peak. And even after blowing all my hard-earned cash on hyper-light gear to make up for my being miserably out of shape because i spend all my time earning cash, I still could not walk down stairs on monday morning. I sort of teeter around trying not to bend any of my leg muscles. It's like living a preview of what moving around will feel like when I'm 85 and some smart-alec brat swipes my walker.