So Becky describes Flora Mountain, number 100 on the Bulgar 100 list. For Pat this was number 95. For me it was the first deep walk in the woods since my son Col was born about a year ago.

There is no reason to climb Flora unless you are working the list. It is hard to reach. It is unlovely. It is a big pile of small rocks. Yet climbing it is strangely satisfying because it puts you in atemporal yet intimate company with a strange clutch of misfits you will never meet -- those who have stood on the same hard-to-reach spot for the same worthless reason. Flora sumiteers untie! I mean unite!

Logistics: Ride the Lake Chelan ferry and bus to Holden Lutheran Land. Find Fourth of July Basin. There is a climbers trail connecting the two. People smarter than us use it. We bushwhacked. To reach Flora from FOJB camp you have two options to bypass Riddle Peak's north summit: a pass to the south or one to the north east. Descending the former is loose, exposed, and dangerous. Approaching the latter is tangled, arduous, and miserable. Pick your poison. We went out the former and came back the latter. As a new dad, I would opt for safe and miserable. Had I no children I would opt for the fast but sketchy.