Ingals in Kilts

Robin Evans-Agnew and i tagged Ingals last Friday. In fine Scottish style: With a peremptory, "Whaut th' hell y' need thouuse frikn fancy friends fur? My trusty nuts'll du th' job fer a thrd th' price!" Robin emptied my rack of anything resembling modern climbing gear and off we went.

Teanaway Road is melted out to within 1/2 mile of the trail head. Good firm snow all the way to the base of the climb makes the approach much easier than normal. Snowshoes were unnecessary. Skis would have been great.

Stewart looked beautiful and foreboding, it's top shrouded in nasty clouds most of the day. True to form for the year, the weather got worse the closer we got to the summit, culminating in the now routine summit whiteout. Descending, of course, improved the weather, and by the time we left the basin the top was clear.

Ingals is a great beginning climb. There's some route finding, great views, and two pitches of clean, easily protectable rock (5.4 -- can do it in hiking boots). Note that the bottom pitch has a longer-than-one-rope rappel, so either bring two ropes or be prepared to downclimb about 40 feet of 5.4. You can do it as a day trip from seattle if you leave early, don't get lost on the approach, and don't get stuck in line on the rock.