Rainier, Emmons

Ann Williamson, on turing 50, decided she wanted to stand on top of Mt. Rainier once more, just to tell the big boy she was still Boss. I joined in, along with Mike Balise and four freshly minted grads of the 2005 WAC Basic Climbing Class: Andy Iles, Miles Ohlrich, Gilbert Weidinger, and Robert Buessow. Of 6 parties camped at Sherman/Emmons that night, only Team WAC was foolhardy enough to suit up and stumble up through the blowing snot that greeted the wee hours of July 26th, 2006.

To our great luck, the nastiness was imprisoned below 12,000 feet by a blessed high-pressure wind, and we climbed up into glorious, balmy sunshine all the way to summit.

I guess the moral of the story is Go When It Sucks. You never know what might happen -- you might have it all to yourself.