While the 2004 class was enjoying a fine Cascade douching on Baker, Cherry and I scrambled Robinson (8726) in the sun about 40 miles east.

It resides north of Mazama and offers a fine, low-stress alpine option if the weather's dirty to the west. We followed Becky's and Goldman's approach descriptions and both are fine. Goldman tells of a "troubling" section near the top that can cause concern when wet. Now when Becky uses words like "troubling" I'm accustom to wetting my pants in terror at some point, but she appears to err in the other direction. As we neared the top of one of the many false summits i was bracing myself for the troubling part, and the concomitant marital discord:

"I think it'll go."
"It's wet."
"I'll be careful."
"You always say that."
"Really, if i see anything I don't like I'll back off."
"This is stupid. We've had a great day and we're done. Why do you have to do this?"
"No, really, it's just right there, a hundred feet or so."
"You have no idea if that's the top or not and you know it."
"I'll be back in just a few minutes."
"Do you have any idea how mad I'll be if you fall off this mountain?"....

But that conversation never happened because there were no more false summits to climb. We were on top. There's a summit cairn, register, and nice bivy site. We waved towards Baker and the class but all we saw was a huge, black, mean-looking cloud mass. Oooooooo, we thought, sitting there in the sun, that looks yucky.

On the decent I looked hard for the troubling section but had trouble finding one. I agree with Becky: easy class III scramble. It's a nice big friendly mountain with exquisite camping in the approach valley.